Saturday, 30 November 2013


Not needing the chair behind him
or the cordless mic provided,
he edges nearer to the folk
who turned up late and had to park
themselves shyly in the front row;
works the audience like a pro;
doggedly corners the limelight;
by God, he’s on form tonight!
As the number of hands declines,
he fills the gap with sharp asides,
jokes that if they've no more questions
he’ll go down the Leg of Mutton
to catch, with any luck, the last
of the football, England against
some minnows made up of postmen,
teachers, architects and dustmen.
Remember, he says, to fill out
the online survey, to support
the proposal. Democracy
in action; indisputably
a good thing, this grassroots recourse
to voting; a round of applause.

1 comment:

mattm said...

Having been involved in similar this week, this struck a chord. A real skill to this!