Sunday, 20 October 2013

Hurricane's End

lifting mist…
a flock of knots fans out
across the creek

sunlight shifts
with the cumulus—
flight of a curlew

teal whistle over the seawall long black freighters

marbled whites—
a blackberry pip
stuck between my teeth

cobweb morning
the merest outline
of ship funnels

avocet bills
scour the lagoon bed—
hurricane’s end

rain circles:
a redshank wades in
up to its belly

the brick pillbox
pummelled by easterlies…
shrimping redshank

clanking masts—
an avocet chick
shakes a leg

out of thousands,
black geese forming lines—
shaggy ink-caps

All-Hallows’ summer
the avocets’ plumage
yellowed by sunset

curlews poke their bills
the whole way in

raindrops tip
from an evening primrose
autumn dusk

after the fireworks
the last croaks
of roosting egrets

These haiku were all written at/about Two Tree Island, Leigh-on-Sea, Essex. I am posting them here to celebrate the first Shorelines Literature Festival of the Sea, which is taking place in Leigh between 8-10 November.


Barbara said...

Wonderful! I love the shore and your words take me there. Thank you.

Matthew Paul said...

Thanks very much, Barbara - I'm very glad you liked them.

jem said...

Wonderful lot. I especially like the enthusiasm of the curlews in the creekbed!

Matthew Paul said...

Thanks, jem - yes, curlews are a delight.