Friday, 4 May 2012

High Wire

I have a poem included in an online anthology of Poems from Art on the Tate Modern website.


Dave Serjeant said...

...and what a fabulous poem it is. What work of art inspired it?

Have you seen "Man on Wire," by the way?

Matthew Paul said...

Cheers, Dave. It was Catherine Yass's film of the same name that is on display at Tate Britain. We usually do the classes at Tate Modern, but one week we had to go to Tate Britain as there was an exhibition launch party on. The film blew me away.


And no, I still haven't seen Man on a Wire.

Dave Serjeant said...

Looks interesting. If I still lived in London, I'd come and see it. Notice he was taught by Phillipe Petit (Man on Wire guy).

strat said...

I would love to see the whole complete version.
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