Sunday, 30 May 2010

a bundle of goslings
shifts with the breeze

Sunday, 23 May 2010

late-spring heatwave
the pendulous laburnum
torn round by swifts

Friday, 7 May 2010


Mr Edwards, known as ‘Taffy’ throughout the school,
wishes to demonstrate the probabilities underpinning genetics:
in an interactive way, to capture our attention
for the first time this term (or at least since the moment when

Simon Keelan swung his Adidas holdall over his shoulder
and through the glass of a tank full of copulating locusts,
which unsurprisingly took the chance to leap,
still mating, as far around the lab as they could,

while the whole of 3N3 went berserk), with some straightforward
tasks, like how many of us—all but one—can roll our tongues,
to the absurd: a challenge met only by Colin Knowles,
who claims it is a power inherited from his mum:

the wiggling, to start with, of his right ear, and then of his left;
and next, with a gormless grin on his humdrum face,
both of them—in a scintillating, synchronized, oddball cabaret
that even Stan Laurel in his heyday would have envied.

- for Jake Sebastien Barlow, born 27th April 2010